Monday, August 27, 2012

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delighted to be back for a short moment with Gillian McKee's contribution, while we do not necessarily agree with all alternative treatments this is the view of Gillian McKee:

Nutritious Diet Beneficial To Cancer Patients

Eating a nutritious diet is essential for good mental and physical health. While nutrition should be an important consideration for everyone, including healthy persons, it is especially important for those suffering from cancer and its treatments.Cancer and the treatments associated with it can leave a person feeling weak, fatigued and sick. It is essential that a person get the proper nutrients to stay as strong as possible and to keep their immune system working. Many of the treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, can compromise a person's immune system and may also change the way the body processes food. Cancer and treatments can cause the body to be unable to absorb food properly. This may lead to malnutrition. While it may seem that a person is eating plenty, they still may not be getting properly nourished. Therefore, any foods that are considered junk foods should be deleted from their diet. It may be difficult for a person with cancer to eat foods to optimize nutrition. Cancer can affect a person's appetite and also can change the way food tastes. This may make eating difficult for a cancer patient. Therefore, a person may begin craving foods that have no nutritional value and are providing empty calories. In this case, self-control will have to be used and the importance of nutrients will have to become the major concern while going through cancer.
Proper nutrition helps those who were just diagnosed with cancer, are being treated for cancer and those who are in remission. A nutritious diet increases energy levels and makes a person feel better. Cancer is stressful. Nutrition can help combat the stress associated with cancer. When a person is stronger because of a nutritious diet, they are better able to fight off infection and other health problems. This leads to less stress. Certain cancers can be treated with non-traditional medical treatments. Alternative mesothelioma treatment options can be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet plan to achieve the best results possible. When a person feels healthy, they also feel better mentally. They are able to maintain a good mood. Although cancer will leave a person feeling less than great, they will feel better physically and mentally if a healthy diet is maintained during and after cancer treatment.Proteins are important for repairing tissue in the body and to boost the immune system. When going through cancer treatments, the body has to do a lot of repairing. Without the proper amount of proteins in the diet, the body will begin to break down and take more time to heal.
Fats are an essential part of a healthy diet. This is because fats supply the body with much needed energy. Fats also insulate the body and aid in transporting vitamins throughout the body.Another major source of energy for the body is carbohydrates. Although we often are told to avoid carbohydrates, these must be included in the diet in moderation. Carbohydrates provide an adequate supply of energy and support proper organ function.Water should be included in a healthy diet. A body must stay hydrated to remain healthy and fight off illness. Since a person going through cancer treatments can experience vomiting or diarrhea, it is crucial to drink plenty of water. Proper water intake aids in proper cellular and organ functions. Without enough water, the body can't properly use the vitamins and minerals it does have and this can make a person very sick.
There are several different foods that contain the proper nutrients a person needs to stay as healthy as possible while going through cancer treatments. A doctor or nutritionist would be good sources to turn to if there are questions about which foods should be included or excluded from a diet for a cancer patient. Foods low in nutritional value should be kept to a minimum. A small amount may be okay to satisfy a craving, but overall, a healthy diet must be maintained.