Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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We will have a variety of complimentary health books and products from recognised herbal remedies to sprouting kits and non-toxin water bottles. For more information on our products go our website Healthyhabs . You will find many of our products there.

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We have a huge variety of Health, Beauty, Recipe and
How-to-improve your quality of life books

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  • such as Dehydrators,
  • Organic Seeds and Mung Beans for sprouting
  • Wheatgrass starter kits and seeds,

Dr Schulze's Superfood and Herbal Tinctures


Electronic Medical Records said...

A juicer is a must...with so many fruits and vegetable good for health ... and it gets easy with a very healthy drink thrice a day,it means less cooking.

Cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles said...

Thanks the juices sound very unique and different....this is a new invention for me.A juicer stand would enable the easy making of juices really.

Plastic Surgeons Atlanta said...

I very much agree that a shake or a juice fully nutritious is of great help and also because the making time is less it is doable for all working persons.I like my vegetable and yogurt shake.