Monday, March 2, 2009

Mind - Body - Spirit RDS 14-17th March 2009

SOL Production from Wicklow Town who runs the Healthy Habits Cafe and Health Shop at Quarantine Hill will be holding three big stands at the Mind - Body - Spirit RDS 14-17th March 2009

We will as usual have a healthy juice stand, where we make wheat-grass juice, green juices, apple, orange, celery or whatever other juice you might like. We will be selling juicers, seeds and beans for sprouting and giving support on how to sprout, grow wheat-grass and improve your health through juicing.
  • Bernard Kirby our health educator will be available for general health and juicer advice. He will have a variety of juicers on display.
  • Maura Power and Michaela Avlund will be juicing and supporting you further in your endevour to improve your health through 'healthy habits'.
Again we will be making our delicious wraps which are our organic gluten and dairy free bread substitute produced by Veronica, Maura and Paul. We fill them with fresh salad, Pumpkin Seed Mayonnaise, pickled onions and cucumber and a choice of four different fillings.
We will be selling our delicious 'Cheesecakes' which are non-dairy and raw made with coconut, agave syrup, caschew nuts and other wholesome ingredients.


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It sounds like all fun with raw food cooking up together.Nothing like a health diet and a healthy way of life.

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Juices are very god for the body and also very easy to make one.Instead of a full lunch this could be a great idea.Love the posts here.

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